Sunday, 20 January 2013

Building a Hadron

I've been fairly busy with work and the past few months and my 3D printer has pretty much taken the back seat.  But one of the things I have been doing is gathering the parts to build an OrdBot Hadron.  This was given a big boost by the successful funding of a European MakerSlide project on

This weekend most of the parts have finally arrived and so I started the build.

The Y Assembly
Some of it went smoothly, but I found that one of the laser cut parts, the Gantry Plate, was totally the wrong size.

Upon investigation I found that the DXF file I originally used was wrong.  Fortunately the others were OK, so I only have to get that plate re-cut.

Serves me right for forgetting the old adage 'Measure twice, cut once'.  In this case, check that the dimensions make sense before sending the DXF off to be cut.

So project is back on hold until the reworked plates arrive.

I had the laser cutting done by 4D Modelshop in London.  An excellent service and really helpful to a novice in Laser cutting. I highly recommend them.

More once the new Gantry Plates arrive!

Motor Bracket

Y Carriage Leg