Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Kinect-Like 3D camera

I have recently been looking around the net for 3D camera/scanning projects, yesterday I came across this. It looks quite interesting and if you scanned both sides of the object and joined them it would make a cheap 3D scanner.

Once the Quick2wire.com project is underway I might get a BeagleBoard and give it a try.

Kinect-Like 3D camera 

Monday, 5 March 2012


One of the reasons I have been distracted from my Prusa over the past couple of weeks is Quick2Wire.com.

A group of us have got together and started to build a series of add-on boards for the Raspberry PI.  The first board will allow you to connect the PI to the outside world and will provide an API that can drive the connected devices.  It is early days yet, but I can see several projects evolving out of this.

Why not checkout Quick2wire.com. Sign up for the mailing list and we will keep you posted on our progress.

Slic3r 0.7.0

The next iteration of Slic3r has been released and has some nice additions.  For a start the slicing algorithm has been written and seems to be faster. It also is far far more tolerant of badly constructed STL file.  I tried two that I always had to fix before using V6 and they sailed though V7 with no errors and the generated gcode files look good too.

It has a new option to select the gcode variant you want to generate, e.g. Marlin/Sprinter.

It has a new option to control cooling. I do not have a machine controlled fan on my machine, so at the moment I can't try this out.

And what we have all been waiting for :---- an option to generate Support Material.

The few prints I managed to do this weekend looked as good as ever.  Next session I am going to try the support features.  I will post up some results when I do.

If you haven't tried Slic3r you should http://slic3r.org