Wednesday, 28 December 2011

First PCB Plot.

So today I tried my first plot of a PCB.

Pretty pleased with it. There are some problems, but nothing too show stopping that a rework of the board layout won't cure, except one, and that can be solved by manually retouching the board before etching.

Here is the board as printed.
And here it is with marked with some of the problems.

  1. Tracks touching each other.  Most of these can be solved by making sure the tracks are not so close on the board.
  2. I reran the print to deposit a second layer of ink, but the pen went dry, so scraped the first layer off.  I will try to retouch these with the new pen I need to go and buy.
  3. The diagonal tracks seem the be drawn too thick. It needs further investigation
  4. The pads for the SO08 chips were drawn so that they touched, either I need a finer pen, or I need to retouch these manually.
So overall I am please with the way the first board came out.

Looking at the board as it printed I think I might be able to make the track widths slightly smaller, this would reduce the possibility of two tracks merging.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on printing your first board, only four minor problems and you've highlighted them so will know for the future. A great example of electronic manufacture.