Monday, 5 March 2012

Slic3r 0.7.0

The next iteration of Slic3r has been released and has some nice additions.  For a start the slicing algorithm has been written and seems to be faster. It also is far far more tolerant of badly constructed STL file.  I tried two that I always had to fix before using V6 and they sailed though V7 with no errors and the generated gcode files look good too.

It has a new option to select the gcode variant you want to generate, e.g. Marlin/Sprinter.

It has a new option to control cooling. I do not have a machine controlled fan on my machine, so at the moment I can't try this out.

And what we have all been waiting for :---- an option to generate Support Material.

The few prints I managed to do this weekend looked as good as ever.  Next session I am going to try the support features.  I will post up some results when I do.

If you haven't tried Slic3r you should

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